Thoughts on a recent Sunday Morning Meeting

I will make of you a great nation, and I will bless you and make your name great, so that you will be a blessing Genesis chapter 12 verse 2

God is here talking to Abraham. He had already left his native city of Ur (in modern Iraq) and had travelled to Haran (in modern Turkey) with his father and extended family. God then directed Abram (as he was then known) to leave his family and home and travel to a distant land. As Abram travelled, God’s plan was gradually revealed to him and he began to experience the blessings he had been promised.

God had made similar promises to Adam and to Noah. He would bless them and in return they were to live as he directed. These arrangements were known as covenants and were meant to be binding agreements between God and man. However, with Abraham the notion of sharing what God has given was made a part of the bargain. More than this, it was the purpose of the covenant.

Jesus said “Give and it will be given to you”. He expects that we should be a channel through which blessings flow rather than a reservoir of treasures stored up for a rainy day. God gave us his best (Jesus, his son) as an example for us to follow. Jesus gave everything that we might believe on him and come to know God.

At this time of year we especially remember those who gave their all for our freedom. Will you give a little time to consider these things, to ask God how to be blessed in order to be a blessing?

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