COVID 19: we are operating the school’s risk assessment and it is recommended that people social distance and wear masks to enter the Chapel. Once seated, please remain at least 1 metre from other congregants. As our service is an open meeting, you can remove your mask once seated. We are starting at 930am. If you wish to bring your own coffee that is fine but we are able to serve coffee.

If we share the Lord’s Table then this is done in a Covid Secure way. Contact us if you would like to know if this happening.

Our Meetings are designed so that we may grow together spiritually in a relaxed atmosphere of mutual respect and honour; recognising that we are all on a journey. Doubts and questions are welcome. We trust in God’s unconditional love.

On Sunday Mornings at 9.30am we meet as a group, share coffee and cake, pray together and study the Bible, learning from God and each other.

There is a mid-week prayer meeting at the chapel with a period of 20 minutes silent prayer on a Wednesday Evening starting at 8pm and finishing at around 8-40pm.

By the way, come when you are ready. Don’t worry about being late.