Our commitment to one another.

We acknowledge God to be our Father and Jesus Christ His Son to be our Saviour and the Holy Spirit to be our Guide, and commit ourselves to live together as a company of Christ’s people.

We seek to fulfil the Word of God, in bearing one another’s burdens and sharing one another’s joys, in welcoming the stranger and befriending the poor and lonely, in caring for the young and building up our families as part of the great family of God.

We promise to endeavour by prayer, personal service and conscientious giving, to proclaim the Kingdom of God at home and abroad, and to fulfil His will in all human relationships in which we have a part, whether social, economic or international.

We intend that our church should seek by God’s grace fellowship with churches of other denominations, especially those of our neighbourhood working and praying together with them for the spiritual unity of Christ’s church in the world.

We commit ourselves to the whole Church of Christ on earth and commit ourselves to the Word of God our Father, in the knowledge that He will not leave us or forsake us, and that at the last all those who accept Christ as Saviour will be gathered together in Him our Redeemer.

Takeley Chapel Basis of Faith – Adopted August 2014 (after that Adopted 1971)