Let the message about Christ, in all its richness, fill your lives
May you never give up praying.
When you pray, may you keep alert and be thankful.
Pray that together we may make the message of the mystery of Christ as clear as possible.
(Based on Colossians 3 and 4)

Readings for Sunday: Vanderbilt Divinity Library

Reflections for the week: Lyfe Devotionals


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A reflection for Sunday 20th May 2018

via Fully Human: a reflection for Sunday 20th May 2018

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Reflection: 6th May 2018

As we hold people in our hearts for prayer, we experience love. Our humanity reaches out to them as we want all to be well. Held in our hearts, we are moved to ask God for their wellbeing. As we encounter the world in all its troubles and strife, we experience love as we hold everything in our hearts and struggle to overcome anxiety. Prayer opens our eyes to hope and faith and, in the wrestling, our faith is deepened.

Read more via Blessed are the pure in heart

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God Loves You

God Loves You

He loved you when you were born

He loves you even though you don’t always love him

He loves you as you really are

And he loves what you will become

He loves you like a parent loves a child

He loves you as the best friend you’ll ever know

He doesn’t always love what you think, say or do

But he loves who you are

And he loves being loved by you


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Malcolm Guite – Poems on the Passion –

Malcolm Guite – Poems on the Passion –
— Read on www.nomadpodcast.co.uk/malcolm-guite-poems-on-the-passion/

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2018 AGM

Takeley Chapel AGM is at 11am on Sunday 15th April.



  1. Minutes of the last AGM
  2. Accounts and Trustees report
  3. Sign Closure Certificate
  4. Progress on building plans and decisions arising
  5. Data Protection update
  6. Any other business.

Close in prayer

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