Sunday Morning 30th November 2014

This morning we considered that the Bible was written by different types of people; Priests, Prophets, Poets, Sages & Storytellers. And that each type emphasised different aspects of God’s relationship with us and our relationship with Him.

Because of these different origins it is sometimes supposed that there are contradictions in the Bible’s description of God. Or that the Bible represents an evolution of thought regarding God as time and circumstances changed through Israel’s history.

However, some believe that the Church occupies a space not a position. There is room for difference and room for movement.

As we are Pilgrims on a Journey, we encounter different aspects of God’s love toward us at different times according to our need, and consequently, how we feel and think about God changes in response to His Great Love.

This is one of the reasons that contemplation, meditation & prayer are so important. Although we “Live in the Moment”, we also need to step back and see the “Big Picture”. We need to think about what God has done for us, and what our response should be, towards Him and towards other people too.

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