Thomas: Sunday 19th April 2020

Sunday’s ‘virtual’ meeting this week was focussed around the story of the time when the disciples were together after the resurrection and Jesus appeared to them.

We spent time in the conversation considering what that might have actually been like. Some people expressed empathy and understanding for Thomas (remembered as “doubting Thomas”) and we discussed what tone of voice Jesus might have used in inviting Thomas to come and touch his wounds.

Many of us agreed that Jesus‘ motivation for appearing would most likely have been to reassure and affirm his friends rather than to reprimand or shame them for doubting. It is likely that he understood the trauma and anguish they had gone through by watching him die and how unbelievable it would have been to them that he was in fact resurrected back to life.

This led to us considering the impact this might have had on the disciples for their futures. They had witnessed a gruesome, traumatic and devastating event as their friend was killed on the cross but here a week or so later they see he is alive and well. Imagine the safety and security this would bring in knowing that even if the worst possible thing happens- it turns out all right in the end.

Maybe this was the key to their strength in facing the ordeals that they each did as they were martyred at the end of their lives?

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