Women and Men in Scripture and the Church

We are studying this at present with the help of Paula Gooder and Steven Croft’s book of the same title.


The conversation and prayer is lively and we are practising being authentic in our theology.

Please join us as we seek to be a blessing to the people of Takeley and ask the question:

Do we think the way that our congregation conducts its life commends the gospel to others or puts them off?

How important do we see the teaching ministry within the Church? What does it mean for us as a congregation to be rooted in the apostolic tradition?

We have looked at Genesis 1 to 3 and, Galatians 3 and Romans 16 and applied what we learned, looking at 1 Timothy 2, 1 Corinthians 11 and 14 in the light of these.

From one of the meetings Simon commented:

Further to Sunday’s interesting discussion (male/female equality), I looked up some of the Bible passages mentioned. In Matthew 19, Jesus certainly refers back to “the original plan” (after quoting Genesis 1): “I’m holding you to the original plan…”, in the Message. I like the disciples’ objection: “If those are the terms of marriage, we’re stuck!”

I also like the Message version of Luke 20, v.27-. Jesus said, “Marriage is a major preoccupation here, but not there. Those who are included in the resurrection from the dead (he was contradicting the Sadducees) will no longer be concerned with marriage nor, of course, with death. They will have better things to think about, if you can believe it. All ecstasies and intimacies will then be with God…”  NIV has: “… for they are like the angels. They are God’s children…”

I certainly hope there are beautiful birds and butterflies in heaven, but who knows… The best thing seems to be to cultivate intimacy with God here and now, while we are still in the body.

I would add it is also made apparent in the language that the question focuses in the woman being “given” in marriage but in eternity she is equal before God… she is no longer passed on, she attains a new dignity.

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