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Sunday 3rd February 2019

Prayer is a call to be with God, to be in relationship with our Creator, to speak from the centre of our very being a heartfelt need to be rescued from the troubles of our own minds and the troubles … Continue reading

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Sunday 27th January 2019

When we gaze on nature do we only see a mass of measurable matter in a vast space? I am not sure. To me I see the chaos and the regularity, but I also sense the spiritual, the numinous. Creation … Continue reading

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Sunday 13th January 2019

From a realisation that we are redeemed and known by name, formed and made to glorify God, we find strength. There is much to fear, from the randomness of events to the malice of the systems and  powers we find … Continue reading

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Sunday 6th January 2019 (Epiphany)

Justice is at the heart of the message of Jesus; justice for all. This light shines in the message and is good news for all who believe. Faith in Jesus releaseS abundance in our lives, to seek justice, show mercy … Continue reading

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From the old year into the new.

Moving from the season of darkness into the promise of the returning spring, the lengthening days, gives us a prod to consider the old and contemplate the new, enriching the present. In our small, chapel meeting we contemplated what we had been doing and what we might do. Continue reading

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