Deepening Event: Sunday 4th December 2016

“Be Still and know that I am God”

10.00 am                 Arrivals.   Opening of the day.

10.15 am                 “Go into your inner room and close the door” Matthew Ch 6 v 6.

“Entering into inner silence and closing the door”.   

10.30 am                 Talk  “The practice of Silent Prayer”*

                     Leading into …….  Guidance the practice of Silent Prayer.

Leading into ……..  A period of Silent Prayer together.


11.40            Comfort break and coffee.

Please try to maintain the silence.

12.00 pm                 Any immediate questions

Followed by  …… Period of Silent prayer together.

1.00  pm                 Lunch  (those who wish may talk during lunch)

Followed by quiet walk to return to the stillness.

2.00 pm                  How and why would we make this practice a part of daily life?

A few guidelines as we plan to make this a regular daily practice in our own homes.

Followed by …… Period of Silent prayer together ……

Tea with the opportunity for questions, reflection and feedback.

Thoughts on setting up a supportive Prayer Group

Followed by tea departure.




* also known as Centering Prayer and The Prayer of Silence.


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