A walk through Mark

For the past two Sundays we have been looking at the good news in Mark.

On week one we read through most of chapter 1 reflecting on how the wilderness plays such a part in the opening of this gospel. We also paused to contemplate the healing of Simon’s mother in law (Mark 1: 30 – 31).

Then come the miracles which put Jesus in direct conflict with the authorities. We reflected on how the label sinner was an excuse to not engage with people and how Jesus cut across the bounds of ceremonial sin, healing the leper and accepting Levi the hated tax collector. Levi was a sinner but Jesus called him to follow him.

Next time we meet we will look at how the conflict is stepped up and how Jesus makes his mission clear.

It would be good to see people come and join us for this teaching. We also want to serve Takeley well as a welcoming community and share our passion for being a house of prayer for the people of Takeley.

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